His work investigates the search for the self, the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious, the relationship with deities, idolized or daughters of obsession, the mystery that permeates hermeneutics, the revelation that hides behind a bush or a door.
Through the rendering of constellations of mythological animals or deformed animals, kidnapped, imprisoned and ready to free themselves, the problem of our silence on human emotions and sensations that we cannot explain arises first and foremost.
The context is
On the alert,
On the verge of nervous breakdown,
It gets lost in a distant flight of birds,
Or in a shipwreck in shallow water in the foreground
But it is the portrait of a frame, in which the soul is intact and ready to jump, like a pressure cooker or the principle of the spark of the universe itself.
The fallibility of the word is unstoppable, like all human artifacts.
Be they Ziggurats remote in time and forgotten, or household objects fallen and not claimed by anyone. Be it conventions or constructs of the mind.
It doesn’t take long to realize that a question has been installed in the subjects’ gazes, an awareness is required in their only formal existences.
The word is useless, the word is more stratification, it is complex, the word interrupts communication, it truncates dialogue.
Thoughts sail furiously by sight, in the foaming sea of anger or in the placid forests, where volcanoes await and planets act unchanged, the souls that are fixed on canvas and represent the specter of the minute, in search of peace, of redemption, of a stable point on which to lift the universe.
The expression of feelings, traumas, fears
of the loves denied to Zazà, of the brief happinesses fleeing through the corridors of the Louvre, of the slaps in the city crowds.
Along the river of perdition or self-discovery, where infinity is just a singular point, from which baseness and dreams expand.

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